How to Make a Spring Photo Slideshow with Music

Spring is not only good for the plants and animals but also for men, for it always gives us longer days and pleasant weather to cheer us up and give us sound health. Besides, spring is a very good time for us to study or to do some useful business. Let’s begin our spring journey. This step by step tutorial will help you to make a spring photo slideshow with music using slideshow software called iPixSoft Flash Slideshow Creator.

Spring Photo Slideshow Sample:

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Step 1 : Install Flash Slideshow Creator and Create a New Slideshow
Generally, please first download iPixSoft Flash Slideshow Creator for preparation. After launching the program, the “New” button will appear on the right hand side of current window. Click it and create a new slideshow.

Step 2 : Chose a slideshow template and a background music
Click the “Photo” pannel, add some significant photos. You should adjust these photos with brightness, contrast, effect, etc. After that choose a love song as the background music. Watch Free Flash Slideshow Templates >>

Step 3: Decorate your slideshow
Decorations do influence a slideshow – there is no doubt about it. Your slideshow is characterized by the adjustment, which comprises not only the clipart, text, Intro and End, photo frame, sound, but also the photo transition, duration.

Step 4 : Publish the Spring Photo Slideshow
Evidently, the new slideshow should be published for appreciation according to your own setting. Go to the “Publish” pannel and click the “Make SWF movie” button to publish your spring slideshow. Whereas, you can make Html File. Executable, Screen saver or even send by Email with Flash Slidershow Creator.

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