Mandolin Music Songs Suggestions

Mandolins have a long history, and much early music was written for them. In the first half of the 20th century, they enjoyed a period of great popularity in Europe and the Americas as an easier approach to playing string music. Many professional and amateur mandolin groups and orchestras were formed to play light classical string repertory. Just as this practice was falling into disuse, the mandolin found a new niche in American country, old-time music, bluegrass, and folk music. So, add Mandolin Music Songs as background music when you are making slideshows can have a significant effect as well.

Belows are Mandolin Music Songs that I suggest for slideshow as background music.

Mandolin Music Songs Suggestions Title
 The spring is coming Variations               Jiro Nakano
 Butterfly Variations                          Tsunehiko Tanaka 
 Araki Night Mad Poem song                     Suzuki Seiichi
 Will disappear in the spring                  Takei Conservatism 
 Kentucky my home                              Foster
 Melancholy trip Variations on a Theme         Jiro Nakano
 children's Four Seasons                       Yukio Fujimoto
 Lullaby                                       Schubert
 Nocturne                                      Schumann 
 Ehanbula Palace memories                      Tarrega
 I need you                                    Sadike
 In the Paris sky                              Jilao
 Mandolin Serenade                             Chaplin
 Spotlight                                     Chaplin
 Trio, third, fourth movement                  Paganini
 Mandolin                                      Faure
 Vijayanta                                     Joplin
 Praise of Love                                Elgar
 Songs without Words                           Rachmaninov
 Wanderer                                      Sarasate

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