Bassoon Music Songs Suggestions

The bassoon is a large double reed instrument with a lower sound than the other woodwind instruments. Its double reed is attached to a small curved tube called a bocal which fits into the bassoon. So, add Bassoon Music Songs as background music when you are making slideshows can have a significant effect as well.

Belows are Bassoon Music Songs that I suggest for slideshow as background music.

Bassoon Music Songs Suggestions Title Artist
A boy wizard Ducasse
Hunting Song Ku Leite
Breton dance Bach
The end Bach
Interlude music Bizet
Humoresque Geliaier
3 Pieces Mild
Andante Mozart
Little Rondo Mozart
Sonata in B-16 drop Mozart
Sonata Maerqieluo
Tarantella Miled
Little Song Kwan Ying Yin Qu
Polo mayonnaise Wissendorff
Humorous songs Geliaier
Minuet Mott
Scherzo V Jacek
Variations Jialiwoda
Hungarian Fantasia Weber

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