Saxophone Music Songs Suggestions

While proving very popular in its intended niche of military band music, the saxophone is most commonly associated with popular music, big band music, blues, early rock and roll, ska and particularly jazz. So, add Saxophone Music Songs as background music when you are making slideshows can have a significant effect as well.

Belows are Saxophone Music Songs that I suggest for slideshow as background music.

Saxophone Music Songs Suggestions Title
 Going Home                         Kenny G
 Spring Breeze                      Kenny G   
 The Joy Of Life                    Kenny G
 Forever In Love                    Kenny G
 Theme Form Dying Young             Kenny G
 Tales from the Hudson              Michael Brecker
 Time Is of Essence                 Michael Brecker
 Wide Angles                        Michael Brecker
 Cityscape                          Michael Brecker
 Two Blocks from the Edge           Michael Brecker
 For the Love of You                Candy Dulfer 
 What Dose It Take                  Candy Dulfer 
 Girls Nighe Out                    Candy Dulfer 
 Candy Live in Amsterdam            Candy Dulfer 
 Right in My Soul                   Candy Dulfer 
 Summit Meeting at Birdland         Charlie Parker
 Quintet of the Year                Charlie Parker
 Bird and Diz                       Charlie Parker
 Jazz at the Philarmonic            Charlie Parker     
 Bird at the Roost                  Charlie Parker

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