Trombone Music Songs Suggestions

The trombone can usually be found in wind ensembles/concert bands, symphony orchestras, marching bands, military bands, brass bands, brass choirs, big bands, etc. It can be part of smaller groups as well, such as brass quintets, quartets, or trios, or trombone trios, quartets, or choirs (though the size of a trombone choir can vary greatly from five or six to twenty or more members). So, add Trombone Music Songs as background music when you are making slideshows can have a significant effect as well.

Belows are Trombone Music Songs that I suggest for slideshow as background music.

Trombone Music Songs Suggestions Title
  Aida march                                       Verdi
  Dedicated to Alice                               Beethoven  
  Serenade                                         Schubert  
  lament Serenade                                  Tosti  
  Sonata Pathetique                                Beethoven
  Symphony No. 40                                  Mozart
  Ave Maria                                        Schubert 
  Trombone Concerto in descending E flat major      Hummel 
  Jesus, people are looking forward to the joy of  Bach 
  Psalm, "Waking the Sound"                        Bach 
  Romance "Pearl Fishers"                          Bizet  
  Lullaby                                          Tchaikovsky 
  Adagio                                           Al-Bi Nino
  lower E-flat Concerto                            White Lini 
  D Major Concerto                                 Tailei Jia 
  Mambo                                            Lou Bega 
  Charmaine                                        Johnny  
  Did I Step On Your Trombone                       Danielson
  Mice feat                                        Julianne Regan 
  Day Of The Trombone                               Fireblood Angel Band  

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