Viola Music Songs Suggestions

Sheet music written for the viola differs from that of other instruments in that it primarily uses alto clef (sometimes called "viola clef"), which is otherwise rarely used. Viola sheet music also employs the treble clef when there are substantial sections of music written in higher registers. The note A4 is above the top line of the clef, D4 is in the second space down, G3 is in the space at the bottom of the staff, and C3 is two spaces under the staff. So, add Viola Music Songs as background music when you are making slideshows can have a significant effect as well.

Belows are Viola Music Songs that I suggest for slideshow as background music.

Viola Music Songs Suggestions Title
 Gygr for Flute Viola and Harp             Jeff Harrington 
 Sonatas for viola da gamba & h            JS Bach
 Hang On                                   Mike
 Sad Eyed Disco Dancers                    Mike 
 Not So Bad At All                         Mike  
 Pagode em Brasili                         Brenno Reis
 The Sad Song                              Fredo Viola
 Me And You                                Klimazz Feat
 Viola Enluarada                           Soledad Bravo                              
 Atlantic SD 1351 Viola James              Negro Church Music     
 Fifth Symphony Finale Viola               Beethoven
 Lovelights                                Sam
 It's My Pleas                             Sam 
 Girlyman                                  Sam 
 Little Girl                               Club Mix
 Comprami                                  Valentino 
 Viola Rosegarden funeral of sores         Novenna
 Eu                                        Rolando Boldrin 
 Oakenfold                                 Paul
 Viola War                                 Jeff Wayne

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